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Calgary Municipal Election 2010

 Please help Calgary Democracy with our future efforts by filling out our quick survey (2 questions, plus 1 for candidates/campaigns): Calgary Democracy 2010 short survey.

The City’s Election and Information Services Division is the official source for election information (such as voter requirements, rules for candidates, ward boundaries, etc.). The province has posted information for people running for school boards in Alberta.

 Twitter users: The generally accepted hashtag for Calgary elections is #yycvote.
We’re keeping a followable list of all Twitter accounts of candidates in the election.

iPhone users: The City of Calgary has produced the Calgary Election 2010 iPhone app to provide voters with a variety of useful information.

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You can suggest and vote on questions for a community-built survey to go to all candidates.

There is a page detailing CivicCamp’s work around the 2010 municipal election, including hosting candidate forums.

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