Donating to Calgary Democracy

We want to keep all aspects of this project free to all citizens and candidates because money should never be a barrier to full participation in democracy. That leaves the “revenue stream” options for sustaining the project pretty much limited to donations. So, your contributions are needed — whatever the amount — and will be greatly appreciated.

How to donate

We are not affiliated with any formal organization, agency, party or charity, and cannot offer tax deductable receipts. Calgary Democracy is not incorporated, so donations can be given to the project coordinator, Grant Neufeld.

Donations In Person: You can reach grant by our email or at 403-262-2934 to arrange a donation.

Cheques by Mail or Drop-off: Please make your cheques payable to “Grant Neufeld” and send them to:

Calgary Democracy project
c/o Back In The Pack
2135 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 3R8

(They’re open 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday.)

Please include a note as to whether you want to be credited on our donors page (include a weblink if you want).

Online Donations: Not currently available, sorry :-( Yes, I should probably try to figure out a good online donation system to use; recommendations other than PayPal welcome.

Where the money goes

Direct expenses for the project include:

  • Internet server costs
  • Blank video tapes for the candidate interview videos
  • Batteries for the video camera
  • Occasional printing (mostly just basic leaflets giving information about the project)

Other funds go first to buy more time for Grant to work on the website development instead of having to take other contract work (there are many, many, features on the wishlist for this website). If, through the community’s generosity, we get enough donations to cover all that, then further funds may go toward hiring other workers (videographers, web and mobile device coders, translators) or to produce things like dvds of candidate interviews to be made available through the public libraries and other community centres. Maybe even a bit of marketing/promotion for the project so more Calgarians can be made aware of this resource.

In the interest of transparency and accountability, as money comes in, the incomes and expenditures will be posted to this website.

What donors get for their donation

An optional acknowledgement on the website with an optional link to their own website if applicable. This will be kept separate from the candidate information so as to not offer any biasing. Once we set up user pages on the website, there will be a donor badge available for donors to display on their user profile page.

To avoid bias, candidates/campaigns who donate to Calgary Democracy will not get any special treatment for their information on the website.

Donations from “biased” sources (such as candidates)

We currently have not put any restrictions on who can donate to the project. Given that almost everyone (including everyone working on this project) has political biases, it would be virtually impossible to operate with the exclusion of anyone with bias.

It is our hope that through adhearing to the principles of the project (as can be evaluated in accord with our Accountability Statement), and maintaining the restrictions defined above in “What donors get for their donation”, that we can prevent the bias of any donors from affecting the content of the project.